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Re: Laibach

Message par Max le Mer 19 Mar - 20:13

Non non, c'est assez instructif justement. Il y avait un peu le même problème avec Rammstein à leurs débuts, avec des "comités" anti nazis pour éviter les débordements...
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Re: Laibach

Message par R-aZZo-R le Dim 23 Mar - 1:42

Bien vu le comparatif avec La Souris Déglinguée!
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Re: Laibach

Message par Aenimal le Mer 1 Avr - 16:46

Since the Spectre Party was formed about a year ago we have witnessed a rapid growth of the Party member base, which is certainly a good omen for the future! A party is an organization of people which seeks to achieve goals common to its members through the acquisition and exercise of political, social or cultural power. The Spectre Party can be all of this, it can create goals common to its members and it can contribute to significant changes politically, socially and culturally. Changing the world and the universe is not impossible! Together we can make a difference. In this process of expanding the idea of the international party, Laibach can and must act as the torch, the lighthouse, the moving force and inspiration for action. We can always do things only on our own, by ourselves and for ourselves, but sharing is better; we can do more with your help, your active contribution and your support.

We are now working on several new projects, concerts and releases for the near future, and touring is just one part of the whole mosaic. Some projects pay and some don’t. Those that don’t are as equally important as those that do, sometimes even more so, that is why we have to make them.

How can you help us to bring these projects to life?

In recent years we established the Laibach WTC Internet store and the merchandise we sell there already substantially co-finances and subsidizes our tours and selected projects, which we’re quite sure you are aware of. Everytime you purchase a Laibach T-shirt or badge or other product, it helps us. But now we are working on projects that need to be supported in advance, otherwise there’s little chance that we’ll be able to do them (we will reveal more step-by-step in the coming months). In order to support these causes we have created a set of beautiful, unique and exclusive Spectre Revenue Stamps (SRS) (offset print, relief printed on a bookprinting press, numbered with a mechanical counter on a bookprinting press).

The value of the stamps are 100 II (WTC), 50 II and 30 II, now equal to 100, 50, and 30 €, respectively, but as their value might increase in time, they can represent a valuable acquisition on their own. Furthermore, by purchasing them, you also credit yourself substantially, because each of the stamps gives you an option for unlimited shopping at the Laibach WTC Internet store all year round with discounts of 20%, 10% or 5%.


If you hurry up and order any of these three stamps by the end of May 2015, you can also order merchandise and products for the full value of the stamp (with discount included). See examples below:

100 II stamp  - You get 100€ store credit + 20% discount on all WTC items for 1 year

50 II stamp - You get 50€ store credit + 10% discount on all WTC items for 1 year

30 II stamp - You get 30€ store credit + 5% discount on all WTC items for 1 year

Discount is on all items, including artworks, graphics, books, CD’s etc, etc. You can also pre-order special and limited album releases (which there will be several in the future) with additional stamp-corresponding discount on top of the pre-order discount.

Note: from 1 June 2015 you will only be able to cash-in 50% of the stamps’ full value. Why? Because we need your help and support soon and as the proverb goes the one who gives help fast gives it ‘twice’ and should therefore also be rewarded double.
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Re: Laibach

Message par suspifun le Dim 5 Avr - 10:22

P'tain y a pas le même truc en Français? Very Happy Very Happy
Bref j'ai eu la chance de les voir deux années d'affilées à l'ancienne loco, Laibach reste un des meilleurs groupe au Monde... Même si quand même un peu ambigu...

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Re: Laibach

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

Contenu sponsorisé

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