Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay

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Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay

Message par R-aZZo-R le Mar 18 Fév - 9:16

Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay traces the origins of Industrial music, taking you on a journey through the crumbling industrial cities of Europe to America's thriving avant-garde scene.
Featuring Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, NON, SPK, Test Dept, Clock DVA, Re/Search - V Vale, Z'EV, Click Click, Sordide Sentimental, Hula, In The Nursery, Hands Production / Winterkälte, The Klinik / Dive, Ant Zen, Orphx and Prima Linea.
Industrial music is an experimental music genre inspired by a wide spectrum of ideologies and interests. It combines improvisation and performance with avant-garde, provocative, political and taboo themes alongside harsh noise and environmental sound recordings.
Coined in the mid-70s, this music originated in this post industrial era as working class youth of industrial cities like Sheffield and Manchester started experimenting with sound. Unemployment, high-rise living and cultural oppression were all part of the decaying environment in which this music blossomed.
Whether factory workers, students or unemployed, these trailblazers were all educated, artistically minded and politically aware artists who started with little to no musical background. They found inspiration in the avant-garde movements from the early 20th century like the Futurists, Dadaists or Surrealists, as well as contemporary writers William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. They were also influenced by early science fiction movies, Krautrock artists Kraftwerk, Can and Faust, The Velvet Underground and the DIY ethos of punk music.
These artists rejected major labels, mass media and mainstream culture to invent a culture of their own. This film tells their story.

Hate de voir ça! En tout cas la bande-annonce donne envie!  Smile
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Re: Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay

Message par Aenimal le Dim 19 Avr - 19:27

Pas de projections prévues en France :

Faudra attendre la sortie en DVD...
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